What are the Valium available dosages online?

Valium is the brand name of diazepam used to treat anxiety and the drug is available in various forms of tablets in online pharmacy, whereas, local brick-and-store you could only find a specified dosages. So, the individual can choose online pharmacy to buy Valium as per their desired dosage strength. The drug is not only for anxiety and it is also used to treat muscle spasms and seizure disorders. Sometimes doctors are prescribing Valium dosages for dogs also.  The available online Valium dosages are
Valium online dosages

    • 2 mg
    • 5 mg
    • 10 mg

Initially, the 2mg online doses are prescribed for children, beginners and for senior people who are above 65 years old.  The Valium dosage for adult is 5- 10 mg and it should be only be prescribed by doctors.

Valium 5mg

Valium 5mg is primarily purchased for short-term anxiety, muscle spasms and Epilepsy or Seizure disorder. The 5 mg tablet will be in yellow color and rounded in shape.  Healthcare professionals prefer Valium for anxiety and the treatment should be less than 4 weeks, if you continue the treatment for more than 4 weeks it may cause addiction.  The pill may turn out to be less effective after the continuous usage. The drug may increase the habitual tendency when you have taken it for a longer time and do not stop the medication abruptly. The 5mg tablet may cause excessive drowsiness, when it is taken along with alcohol and this might be the serious side effect of the drug.

 Valium 10mg

Valium 10 mg is also prescribed for anxiety, seizure and muscle spasms but it completely relies on the patient severity condition. When you feel the 5 mg tablet is not effective for your disorder then you can move up from 5 mg to 10 mg with doctor recommendation.  Because Valium 10 mg is the maximum dose, taking the maximum amount of dose without healthcare advisor knowledge may lead you to addiction, fatal defects and sometimes death. The treatment of 10 mg medication is also should be in less than 5 weeks. The major side effects of Valium 10 mg is sleepiness, headache, memory impairment.

How Valium 5 mg and 10 mg work?

Generally, the drug belongs to a benzodiazepine family, the group of the drug called as a CNS stimulant which means the drug increasing the action of GABA and alternating the chemical in human’s brain, as a result, the drug produce the calming effect. The same working mechanism continues for Valium 5 mg as well as 10 mg tablets.

How to take online Valium dosage

  • Take the medication dosages and duration of the treatment as advised by your healthcare advisor.
  • Take the pill whole orally, do not crush, break, chew and snore because it may release an excessive amount of active chemicals in the brain which lead to fatal defects.
  • The tablet can be taken with or without food but avoid heavy fat food before the tablet because it will lessen the effect of the drug.
  • Follow all the instructions as mentioned on the drug label, if not ask your pharmacist or doctor.