Guide to Buying bulk Kratom capsules

Before buying any product the buyer has to think whether such product worth real value for the money. Buying is an art, it’s a profound pleasure. When you are purchasing some product means you are taking license to use that product. Money is a tool, if you used in a proper manner then its shows something beautiful, but if you used in a wrong way it makes a mess. Now a day’s using Kratom capsules is a common method.

Before you are going to purchase you have to analyze the quality and quantity aspects of capsules

Below we are providing you the some of the best vendors offering Kratom capsules. Based on that you will get an idea from which vendor you have to buy.

If you take a smaller capsule then it’s easy to swallow, some of the capsules available in the e-commerce websites are as follows:

Size Dose in grams for each capsule
000 1
00 0.735
0 0.5
1 0.4
2 0.3

Consuming capsules is the best way for the user; the user has to take in normal way.


They will offers always fresh Kratom leaves – Always Fresh

They will not add any additional chemicals – 100% Natural

They offer you Best Price in the industry and provide premium

It offers you finest package and nice qualitative products

They will release after lot of trial and error has been done before releasing the kratom capsules from their end.

They will ship within 24 hours.

Prices they were not mentioned in their websites.


They remove all veins, stems then grind into a very fine floury texture of Kratom Capsules.

They will provide free Shipping on all Domestic US orders over $99.

They offers in different in various types of quantities .i.e., 250g (Approx. 420 Caps), 500g (Approx. 830 Caps ), 750g ( Approx. 1,250 Caps ), 1000g ( Approx. 1,680 Caps ).

This vendor

Kratom Capsules offering Starting price for 250 grams
Gold Bali Capsules $75.00
Green Bali Capsules $75.00
Green Borneo Capsules $75.00
Green Horn Capsules $75.00
Green Indo Capsules $75.00
Green Maeng Da Capsules $75.00
Green Sumatra Capsules $75.00
Green Thai Capsules $75.00
Lucky 7 Capsules $75.00
Red Bali Capsules $75.00
Red Borneo Capsules $75.00
Red Horn Capsules $75.00
Red Maeng Da Capsules $75.00
Red Sumatra Capsules $75.00
Red Thai Capsules $75.00
Red Vein Indo Capsules $75.00
Super Elephant Capsules $75.00
Super Green Malay Capsules $75.00
Super Indo Capsules $75.00
White Bali Capsules $75.00
White Borneo Capsules $75.00
White Horn Capsules $75.00
White Maeng Da Capsules $75.00
White Sumatra Capsules $75.00
White Thai Capsules $75.00
Yellow Vietnam Capsules $75.00
  • They ship all orders on the same day if placed by 2:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • They do not work on weekends. They do not work on holidays. so, before ordering from this vendor please plan accordingly.
  • You should receive an automated email after your order has shipped which will contain your tracking information.
  • They will also offering return within 30 days from the date of products received. But after inspection only they will notify your reason for return of such goods. If your goods retuned then you will be refunded via Cheque.
  • But in returning the products you have to borne your own costs for shipping.

Kay Botanicals

They are offering five capsules and the price range was as follows:

Name of Kratom Capsule Starting Price in $ Ending Price in $
Buy Yellow Kratom Capsules 19.95 24.95
Extract Kratom capsules 24.95 24.95
Green Vein Kratom Capsules 17.95 24.95
Red Vein Kratom Capsules 19.95 24.95
White Vein Kratom Capsules 19.95 24.95
  • They are providing quick and reliable delivery in US and Canada.
  • They can’t ship in the areas where Kratom was illegal.They do not deliver outside of North America.
  • if you order minimum of $100 or more receive free shipping.
  • They are packing discreet way. They will also providing tracking of your order.
  • Before releasing any product they will test products in lab and then get certificatio


We constructed a bridge for you in the form of information, if you want to walk on that bridge or not are up to you. Because the ultimate buyer is YOU.