Different Treatment Options Available For Treating Anxiety

treatment for anxietyBasically there are two treatment options which are used to treat the anxiety attacks. They are psychological therapy and taking medications. Depending upon the patient, the doctor would be providing psychotherapy alone or would provide a combination treatment with medications.


When you go to consult a doctor, the first line of treatment that they provide to you is with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). They are best known to treat patients with depression and some forms of anxiety disorder.

Some of the medications are listed below:

·         Paxil- paroxetine is the main ingredient in this medication.

·         Prozac- The active ingredient in this drug is called as fluoxetine.

·         Lexapro- escitalopram would be the ingredient that provides the effect on the condition.

·         Celexa- citalopram is the active ingredient in the tablet.

·         Zoloft –sertraline would be the main ingredient in this medication.


The medications that belong to this class of drugs are available for so many years in the market. They would act in the brain and provide a calming effect.

Some of the medications that belong to this category are:

·         Xanax- the active ingredient in this medication is called as Alprazolam.

·         Ativan-the main ingredient in this drug is known as Lorazepam.

·         Klonopin- Clonazepam is the active ingredient in this medication.

·         Valium-Diazepam is the main ingredient in this drug.

Xanax is very beneficial when used to treat conditions like panic disorders, anxiety disorders and anxiousness caused by depression. Ativan is mainly used to treat different forms of anxiety disorder. Valium, apart from treating anxiety disorder, it would also help a person with alcohol withdrawals or muscle spasms. When it comes to panic disorders or seizure disorder, Klonopin would be the drug that can provide great effectiveness.

These drugs would act very well on the condition compared to the anti-depressants. In fact, it is possible to get instant effectiveness on the ailment. These pills should be taken in divided doses in a day so that you can get the effect throughout the day.

This means that, though these pills can provide the instant effect, it would take less time to vanish from your body.


This talk therapy is also highly beneficial to a person. People like social workers, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, specially trained nurses and psychiatrists would be providing this therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very much important because it would change the negative thinking of a person. This therapy would provide more positive thoughts and actions in their life. The best advantage of this is that there is no side effect in this category.

People who are not willing to take medications can go about using the skills that are taught here to cope up with their life

 Medications along with meditation

Though there are best medications available in the market and it can provide you with great effectiveness in your body, it is essential that you have to follow a healthy lifestyle.

For example, you can do meditation daily for fifteen minutes of time. This is good for the body both physically and mentally. If you are planning to add a 30-minute workout with this meditation then it would also be the best idea.

When a person exercises, it would provide a positive impact on their brain and this is really good for people with anxiety issues.