Can I give Valium for dogs?

Valium for dogYes, you can give valium for dogs but you need to consult your veterinarian before use of the medication for treatment. Valium is the medication, sometimes known by the generic name called Diazepam.  Doctors prescribe Diazepam for dogs to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, seizure disorder and other conditions.

The drug is also recommended for cats as an anti-anxiety treatment. Basically, the drug works by enhancing GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid), which alters the chemicals in the dog’s brain and blocking the neurotransmitters that cause anxiety to produce calm feeling.

Is valium safe for dogs?

Valium is totally a safe medication for dogs when you follow the exact dosage for your pet as prescribed by your veterinarian. Most of the veterinarian prescribes valium as a short-term treatment due to the potency of the drug, so follow the short period treatment to make the treatment a safer one.

Valium is also like other drugs, if you have given higher strengths or larger amount of doses, your pet may experience overdose and it can cause problems to dog’s health condition and sometimes death. Henceforth, it is essential to follow your doctor’s instruction to make valium safe for dogs.

Valium dosages for dogs

The valium doses are not similar for all the dogs, it will change based on the age, sex, the condition being treated and especially the weight of your pet. Before buying valium dosage, follow all the instructions and procedures as directed by your veterinarian doctor to determine the exact Diazepam dosage for dogs.  Usually, the dosage comes in the form of tablet strengths and it is directed to give orally. However, some rare cases the drug can be injected intravenously and nasally or rectally.

The common dosage guidelines for major anxiety disorders are mentioned below, but it is not exact doses so better to consult with your veterinarian.

  • Anxiety: The recommended dose of Valium for anxiety disorder is 0.12 mg to 1 mg per pound and the drug should be given orally once in a day.
  • Seizure: The general dosage for seizure disorder is 0.23 mg to 0.9 mg per pound and mostly the drug advised to give rectally.
  • Sedation: the dose of sedation is 0.11 mg per pound and it can be given to the dog for every 8 hours.
  • Muscle cramp: The maintenance dosage for muscling cramp is 0.23 mg to 0.9 mg per pound for every eight hours.

Side effects of the medication on your pet

The Valium side effects caused due to the use of the drug for a prolonged period is listed below and you are advised not to suddenly stop the drug usage. While utilizing the diazepam for dogs you may expect the typical side effects which are mentioned below,

  • Increased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in dog behaviour
  • Diarrhea
  • Breathing problem
  • Lack of coordination
  • Drowsiness