What Happens When You Snort Xanax Drug?

snorting xanaxXanax is typically administered orally in the form of compressed tablets according to the Xanax dosage prescribed. The practice of snorting the drug is not a method of administration advocated by healthcare practitioners. Using or abusing the anxiety medication in this manner can cause a lot of trouble for the individual. Get to know what happens when Xanax is taken this way and the dangers of doing so. Also, those who constantly snort the Xanax medication would have to seek professional medical help to treat the addiction.

Xanax, the well-known brand of Alprazolam, is a benzodiazepine that is easily purchased from various Xanax online pharmacies for the treatment and management of all anxiety related disorders. The short-acting drug is a potent one that works quickly in the system to control the anxiety symptoms. When the pills are crushed and snorted in powder form, users may get a faster high than taking the medication orally. However, these effects are not likely to last long. The behaviour of snorting Xanax is done not to get the therapeutic benefits but for the short euphoric high, which is an abusive way of using the drug. There can be some very harmful effects if this pattern is continued.

Harmful effects of snorting Xanax

The effects of snorting Xanax are that there are a number of physical adverse effects. The drug can easily pass through the mucous membrane and hit the bloodstream quickly, thereby altering the chemicals in the brain. The high of taking the drug wears off quickly. Doing so would only damage the nasal passage. It is also a dangerous activity to indulge in based on the consequences that occur.

Snorting the anxiety medication significantly raises the risk of severe side effects. The user’s body quickly develops tolerance and dependence, soon requiring higher dosages. This makes it very difficult to stop using Xanax as there would be intense withdrawal symptoms. A person who is severely addicted and resorts to snorting the drug runs the risk of overdose, resulting in coma or even death.

Some of the ill effects likely to be experienced are nausea, irritability, shortness of breath, hallucinations, dizziness, trouble breathing, memory problems, loss of focus, drowsiness, and body pain. The psychological side effects that could occur are depression, anxiety, changes in behaviour lack of judgment, and suicidal thoughts.

Treating the Xanax addiction

treating xanax addictionXanax addiction, characterized by snorting or other risky behavior, should be treated at the earliest to prevent the risk of overdose. Signs that a person may have overdosed are confusion, difficulty talking, stopped breathing, loss of consciousness, and slow heartbeat to name a few. It is not advisable to discontinue the use of the drug and go cold turkey.

The healthcare provider would give the suitable addiction treatment to wean off of Xanax by tapering the dose or prescribing alternate medication. The therapy would also include behavioral treatment in order to get rid of the abusive behavior. Xanax is safe to use when taken according to the doctor’s guidance, which is how it should be consumed to manage the anxiety symptoms.